The Evolution of an innovative learning environment

Renovations to the future space of DIALL on the first floor of the College of Education building have already begun. With philanthropic support, we will transform this now-empty room into an innovative learning and research lab and fully equip it with cutting-edge technology.





How you can help



Your support will help us equip this space with the most up-to-date technology. We will need laptops, computer monitors, audio and video recording software, video conferencing technology, tablets, cameras, microphones, VR headsets, and more.



Help us take technology to the learners. These carts will make it possible to work remotely in classrooms across the community. These carts will be outfitted with tablets, a mobile recording studio, audio-video recording equipment, robotics equipment, and coding stations.




You can help us enhance the use of all this technology through staff support. A coordinator will manage day-to-day scheduling and operations and provide orientation for faculty who wish to bring their classes into the space. They will coordinate open-lab hours, maintain a schedule of the facilities, and provide technical support for using the space. This person will also perform routine updates to the equipment and service, resupply the stations, mobile carts and backpacks. All of these aspects are necessary for making our lab run smoothly and providing excellent experiences for our students .