NSF Award #2005898

Developing a Network to Coordinate Research on Equity Practices and Cultures in STEM Maker Education

The driving purpose of the project is to collectively broaden STEM-focused maker participation in the United States through pursuing common research questions, sharing resources, and incubating emergent inquiry and knowledge across multiple working sites of practice. The network aims to build capacity for research and knowledge, building in consequential and far-reaching mechanisms to leverage combined efforts of a core group of scholars, practitioners, and an extended network of formal and informal education partners in urban and rural sites serving people from groups underrepresented in STEM

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NSF Award #1825076

Principles for the design of digitally-distributed, studio-based STEM learning environments

This workshop brought together a community of collaborators from multiple stakeholder groups including academia, public libraries, museums, community-based organizations, non-profits, media makers and distribution channels, and educators within and beyond K-12 schools. Participants engaged in activities that invite experimentation with distributed learning technologies to examine ways to adapt learning to the changing technological landscape and create robust, dynamic online learning environments. 

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Video: Principles of Equitable Design


CERCLL Renewed as a Title VI Language Resource Center

CERCLL is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded federal funding from the US Department of Education that will renew its status as a Title VI Language Resource Center through August 2026. The highly competitive grant competition has resulted in sixteen new and continuing centers across the country; we are pleased to be included among this national network of centers!

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